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Feldspar Minerals

Feldspar Minerals are used in making of plastic and ceramic products such as pottery, tableware & electric insulators for providing them structural supports. Apart of this, feldspar powders are utilized in paints and rubber industries. These are provided in two different form viz. sodium NaAlSi3O8and potash (KAlSi3O8) chemical. The chemical is pure in composition and do not have any impurities. Offered, feldspar chemicals provide great hardness, non-reactive and durable life. Feldspar Minerals are white in color and have soft texture powder physical property. These are packed in imperious bags in different quantities to protect them for heat and climatic conditions. Moreover, feldspar chemicals should be store them at room temperature for longer shelf life.

Sodium Feldspar Powder

Sodium Feldspar Powder is used in manufacturing of pottery, wind plates and special electrical porcelin. It contains good amount of silica, alumina, potassium oxide, sodium oxide and ferric oxide compound. This is 99.99% pure in assay, basic and has good mohs hardness quality. Sodium Feldspar Powder is used for giving material durable and strong property. It is perfect for using to form the body composition of china dish, clay and porcelain. This is available in various mesh sizes and quantities as per requirement of the customers. The sodium powder is safe and  non-flammable. 

Product details 


  • Moisture Content: 1.50%
  • Sulphur: 17.50%
  • Color: White
  • Form: Powder
  • Grade: Chemical Grade
  • State: Powdered 


Potash Feldspar Powder

Potash Feldspar Powder contains good amount of silica, alumina, potassium oxide, sodium oxide and ferric oxide. It has chemical formula KAiSi3O8 and 2.56 g/mol density. This is 98% pure in composition and safe for using. The potash powder is used in manufacturing of ceramic tiles, glasses and sanitary ware. Potash Feldspar Powder is insoluble in water and gives good hardening property to the materials. The potash powder is packed in strong plastic containers in various quantities. It has good moha hardness and specific gravity properties. The potash powder is available in different mesh size powder form.

Product details

  • Country of Origin: Made in India
  • Packaging Size: 50 Kg and 1250 Kg
  • Packaging Type: HDPE Laminated Bag And Jumbo Bag
  • Color: White
  • State: Powdered


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