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Ramming Mass
Supplied with abrasion resistant properties as well as effective anti-infiltration capacity, the product has high anti-pressure as well as anti-breaking strength Supplied with increased refractoriness, the Ramming Mass shows finer metallurgical control with best production.
Quartz Powder
Quartz powder is basically formed when an electric power presses or frictions against crystals in whether direction. It is an crucial component of metamorphic rocks and indigenous rocks. The product releases a characteristic called piezoelectric effect.
Quartz Grit
We are offering optimum quality Quartz Grit that is widely applicable in petroleum industries for hydraulic fracturing and glass making. In addition to this, it is also used in the construction of paint, rubber, putty as a filler.
Ground Calcium Carbonate
Ground Calcium Carbonate chemicals are used for manufacturing of paper, plastic and statue. These are offered in white powder form which is insoluble in water. The chemicals are basic in nature and carbonate inorganic compound. 
Dolomite Mineral
Dolomite Minerals are available in soft texture white powder in accurate density and molar mass. The minerals have good adhering property which binds the compound in strong bonding.
Feldspar Minerals
Feldspar Minerals have good binding capability and widely used in making of plastic & ceramic products that include pottery, tableware and electric insulators. These are pure in composition and safe for using.

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